Code of conduct

These guidelines are intended to help us build a welcoming EveryCircuit Community with core principles of kindness, collaboration, and respect. Community is a place for asking and answering questions about electronics, sharing ideas for real-world projects, and just having fun with colorful simulations. Please join us in building a community where everyone feels welcome and comfortable sharing circuits, irrespective of their level of expertise.

Publishing circuits

You are welcome to share educational, professional, playful and incomplete circuits when asking for help. We recommend that class assignments and homework circuits be shared as Unlisted rather than Public. The circuit schematic and description should promote discussion around electronics.

Providing feedback

Be constructive, patient, and respectful when providing feedback. Please ignore the circuits that are outside of your field of interest and refrain from providing unwelcome feedback. Circuit authors can direct the discussion to be technical, educational, or entertaining. If you feel like you cannot contribute in a friendly manner, please stop participating and move on.

Unacceptable behavior

Topics unrelated to electronics like politics or religion, as well as promotional or commercial content is not allowed. Hate speech towards a group of people, as well as personal harassment including frequent and unwanted contact has no place in this Community. Avoid subtle put-downs, condescending remarks, and offensive language. Here are examples of appropriate and inappropriate communication:

No: Google current-limiting resistor and inform yourself next time you publish something.
Yes: Connect a current-limiting resistor in series with the LED. If you Google current-limiting resistor, you will find tutorials with step-by-step instructions for calculating appropriate resistance.

No: If you bothered to read the description, you'd know that I don't care about your expert opinion.
Yes: Thanks for pointing this out. I am just playing with the simulator and do not plan to make a physical circuit, so high power consumption should not be an issue.

No: You are naive if you think you can find 190Ω resistors in a store.
Yes: 190Ω resistors are uncommon and expensive. Instead, you could use one of the standard resistor values like 180Ω or 200Ω

No: Stop posting millions of homework circuits!
Yes: Did you know that circuits can be saved as Unlisted instead of Private. Unlisted circuits can be opened via a link and do not appear in Community.