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OpAmp - Differential Amplifier with common mode noise rejection

This is a response to @agaelema The op amp circuit at the top shows a differential amplifier working. The inputs are connected to two generators 180 degrees out of phase. Thus the amplifier is able to see this as a wave that it can amplify. This is the kind of wave that we see from an AM modulated TX or from humbucking guitar pickups The example at the bottom is the same configuration. However, here the signals are NOT 180 degrees out of phase, which is the kind of common mode noise that the op amp in this configuration can reject and it does so well! The output here is shown as the DC green line on the scope trace above. Cheers
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8 years ago
I have used the DC signals for the sources because it's easier to see the numeric results. The user can switch the sources to sine waves if prefer. :)
8 years ago
Well I see that both depictions have merits
8 years ago
Thanks for such a clear comparison!
8 years ago

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