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Relay oscillator

Very simple relay oscillator. Adjusting the coils inductance, coil resistance and capacitor value, you can vary the frequency of oscillation. Oscillation in a real world example would be affected by the relays mechanical construction; this cannot be modelled here. Anyone know how you can calculate the peak oscillation? As frequency is a product of C and L. Z tank circuit? Xc=Xl?
published 4 years ago
4 years ago
Maybe 1/(2pi*sqrt (lc)) use a fixed size for L and rearrange for C
4 years ago
You have a capacitor and an inductor, so yes you should be able to use the formula to calculate the frequency. This formula looks correct, just plug in the coil inductance for L and the capacitor value for C. It should work.
4 years ago
The frequency is determined only by the capacity of the capacitor and the resistance of the coil. The inductance doesn't play a significant role in the equation because it is responsable for the triggering delay of the switch, which is minimal
4 years ago
And you can only calculate the discharge rate of the capacitor, the charge rate is almost instantaneous, which by the way will wear out the relay pretty quickly.

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