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Single Bit Comparator

This is a single Bit Binary Comparator that indicates whether the two inputs are Equal or if one is greater than the other… You can use multiples of these along with a little extra combinational logic to compare two binary values of practically any bit length. When doing so though, you should always remove one of the AND gates (make sure your consistent with which side though, very important!), as it won’t be necessary... This is because when you compare anything larger than one bit, you’ll already have to include extra combinational logic to check against each other pair of bits also to successfully determine the accurate full comparison and to avoid unnecessary duplicate combinational logic for determining the LESS THAN magnitude, because LESS THAN is simply just: [NOT EQUAL] -AND- [NOT GREATER THAN] ! …Therefore, you really only need to implement the above logic on the other 2 outputs to determine the 3rd (LESS THAN) output, rather than including a bunch of unnecessary redundant combinational logic.
published 10 months ago

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