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Constant Current LED Driver - 250kHz CLC Switch Mode Driver

Close the switch, wait for the output to reach a steady state and then reduce the sim speed to 1uS/S for the best experience. The above is a Schmitt Trigger based Constant Current LED driver that uses the Current Limit Control (CLC) scheme. It uses an IRF4905 PMOS for switching. The switching frequency is dependent on component parameters such as the inductance of the inductor, the input voltage, the capacitor and the LEDs. Therefore, it is a SELF OSCILLATING SYSTEM. The Schmitt Trigger helps regulate the inductor current between two limits and switches the PMOS in a way that that is achieved. The capacitor parallel to the LEDs is to stabilize the voltage across it to prevent flicker, and the diode is used to loop the inductive current during the switch off time.
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