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ESP8266 ADC 0.1-7V Multiplex Wemos

ADC multiplex for Wemos D1 Mini Vin = 0.1 to 7 voltage (2x) Vadc = 0.01 to 0.70 voltage material per ADC-multiplex: 1x BS170 N-Mosfet / 0,10€ 1x Resistor 680k 1x Resistor 1k (optional) A0-pin voltage divider 220k / 100k GPIO = LOW (GND) messure internal voltage GPIO = HIGH (3V) messure external voltage Designed to messure battery + solar voltage. internal: 2.7 Vadc × 1.22 = 3.3V real external: 0.37 Vadc × 10 = 3.7V real external: 0.42 Vadc × 10 = 4.2V real There is only one ADC-pin at ESP8266. With mosfet's you can extend multiple ADC's. GND *---* (-Battery) BS170.1-(D) *---[680kOhm]---* (+Battery) BS170.1-(G) *---[1kOhm]---* (D5.ESP) BS170.1-(S) *---* (A0.ESP) GND *---* (-Solar) BS170.2-(D) *---[680kOhm]---* (+Solar) BS170.2-(G) *---[1kOhm]---* (D6.ESP) BS170.2-(S) *---* (A0.ESP)
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